Career Network

Career growth is not just something we talk about at LSI. It’s a reality, for everyone. Whether you are an experienced mid-career engineer or a recent college graduate, you’ll find a role to match your interests. 

Our flexible corporate structure allows employees to move both horizontally and vertically. Shift left, shift right; you can do it all here. For example, our dual career ladder offers technical leadership roles and exciting challenges, in addition to traditional management roles. 

In short, we aren’t just another place to work, but a place to build your career network, offering opportunities such as:


Becoming a leader at LSI is simple. Just start. From your first day with us, you’ll find abundant opportunities to lead. Project leaders, technical leaders, thought leaders, management leaders, we have it all. And it helps that we are the leader in our field as well, with the industry’s broadest portfolio of silicon and software storage solutions.

Personal Development

We have the resources to make your career goals a reality here. You can focus on excelling today, while we help you consider your ambitions for tomorrow.

From formal training programs to opportunities to work with the industry’s leading innovators, LSI offers continuous career growth. Our mentorship initiative is one way employees also have access to technical leaders in their respective fields.