More people and businesses using more devices, and doing and sharing more things online, have created a massive data deluge. This poses unprecedented challenges for the entire IT infrastructure, and it is an exciting opportunity for LSI and our customers to help change the way the world manages its data. LSI designs semiconductors and software that accelerate storage and networking in datacenters, mobile networks and client computing. Our technology is the intelligence critical to enhanced application performance, and is applied in solutions created in collaboration with our partners.

In this new, data-centric world everyone wants to affordably maximize the value from data. Whether it’s big data and analytics, flash cache, running applications over the cloud, moving it seamlessly through a mobile base station, or simply storing and sharing videos across the Internet, that massive amount of data competes for storage space and network priority. LSI provides intelligence that lets customers understand, briefly cache, or long-term store and protect their or their customers’ data.

Where customers face a growing gap between the need to get work done and budgets, LSI offers products that lower total cost of ownership and increase performance.

Storage evolution and the move to flash favor LSI

With massive and growing data storage needs, hard disk drives (HDDs) will continue to be central to data storage. Whether it is for traditional drives, hybrid drives or solid state drives (SSDs), LSI has critical, enabling storage technology.

Several years ago LSI embarked on a plan to position itself as a leader in storage solutions using solid state memory, also known as flash memory. Our SandForce® flash controllers complement our existing portfolio of flash storage technologies, and this has given us a leadership position as the adoption of flash-based storage solutions in enterprise and personal computing grows.

Exciting change is happening in the datacenter

Datacenters are equally seeing amazing innovation, driven by the largest social media, search and cloud companies. Their datacenters are built at hyperscale and, as they churn trillions of bits of data an hour, these companies are driving rapid change and bringing new opportunity for LSI to demonstrate product leadership. Our history and storage knowledge, new flash products, ability to create tailored solutions and a perspective that takes in the whole networking and storage ecosystem make us a valued and collaborative partner to help build the datacenters of the future.

Building the mobile networks of the future

Mobile networks are about quickly delivering content when it is needed and a seamless, confident end-user experience, areas where our intelligent silicon makes a huge difference. Our Axxia® product line is the processor of choice of the top network equipment companies. LSI products help network system vendors and mobile service providers better manage traffic, deliver quality of service levels consistent with user expectations, and bill for differentiated service levels. Where lowering the cost of every gigabyte is vital, this allows them to more effectively use these highly capital-intensive networks. Axxia communication processors work deep in enterprise and datacenter networks as well, accelerating the flow of data inside companies as well as between them.