RAISE technology provides additional measures of protection against data loss beyond what ECC can do. The combination of LSI SHIELD™ error correction and LSI RAISE data protection provides an uncorrectable bit error rate (UBER) of 10-29, nearly one quadrillion times better than other controllers. Together, these technologies allow manufacturers to build enterprise-grade solid state drives with consumer-grade flash memory.

RAISE technology writes data across multiple flash die to enable recovery from a page or block failure. RAISE technology delivers RAID-like data protection in a single drive environment, and without the write overhead associated with RAID parity. Moreover, RAISE data protection operates within a single drive without impacting performance.

SF3700 family products provides an additional measure of protection that can recover from the failure of an entire die. For mission-critical applications, auto-reallocation recursively restores full die protection after a failure. For low capacity storage, fractional RAISE offers page- and block-level protection by allocating a portion of a die.