The trend towards smaller silicon geometries and more bits per cell in flash devices has dramatically reduced the cost-per-gigabyte for NAND flash-based SSDs, accelerating deployment in mainstream applications. However, these changes have also reduced the reliability characteristics of flash devices, resulting in lower endurance, reduced data integrity and shorter data retention. Advanced flash management technologies help deliver enterprise-class reliability with even consumer-grade flash.

DuraClass™ technology is a set of NAND flash management features that work together to deliver world-class solid state drive (SSD) endurance, reliability, performance and power efficiency. DuraClass technology differentiates LSI® SandForce® flash controllers from the competition.

DuraClass technology features:

  • DuraWrite™ data reduction decreases the number of program/erase (P/E) cycles, effectively extending the rated endurance of flash memory by 8x or more when compared to standard flash controllers.
  • SHIELD™ error correction combines low-density parity check (LDPC) code, digital signal processing (DSP) and an adaptive code rate to transform less expensive flash memory into robust solid state storage products, delivering enterprise-grade SSDs with consumer flash memory.
  • RAISE™ technology delivers RAID-like data protection and recovery from potentially catastrophic flash memory failures.
  • Advanced wear leveling and monitoring algorithms further extend flash endurance.
  • Advanced read/program disturb management guards against errant re-programming of cells during read and program cycles.
  • Intelligent garbage collection minimizes the impact on flash endurance.