SandForce Trusted

The SandForce Trusted® program identifies LSI approved vendors, that provide equipment, tools, and services compatible with award-winning LSI® SandForce® Flash Controllers.

SSD manufacturers using SandForce Flash Controllers receive additional benefits from these vendors in the form of:

  • Premium support and services
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Cooperation in a mutually beneficial eco system

SandForce Trusted Members

Drive Savers  Fast, reliable, certified secure data recovery
Certified in recovery of encrypted devices
Data recovery advisors available 24/7
Granite River Labs SATA/SAS Compliance Test Services
Troubleshooting & Debugging
Stress Testing & System Validation
LeCroy Protocol Analyzers, Jammers, Emulators
UTD/Compliance Test Equipment
Automated Test/Verification Software
MPS Power Management Solutions
DC-DC Switching Regulators and Modules
Multi-output/Multi-function DC-DC
OakGate Technology High Performance IO Traffic Generation
Flexible Error Injection
Automation and Performance Benchmarking
Serial Cables Cabling Solutions
SerialTek Protocol Analyzer
Error Injector
Texas Instruments Logo Analog ICs
Discrete and Integrated Power Management ICs Logic
Level Shifters, Temp Sensors and MCU
ULink SATA/ATA Test Tool
TCG Compliance Test
Protocol & Regression