SandForce Trusted

The SandForce Trusted® program identifies LSI approved vendors, that provide equipment, tools, and services compatible with award-winning LSI® SandForce® Flash Controllers.

SSD manufacturers using SandForce Flash Controllers receive additional benefits from these vendors in the form of:

  • Premium support and services
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Cooperation in a mutually beneficial eco system

SandForce Trusted Members

Drive Savers  Fast, reliable, certified secure data recovery
Certified in recovery of encrypted devices
Data recovery advisors available 24/7
Granite River Labs SATA/SAS Compliance Test Services
Troubleshooting & Debugging
Stress Testing & System Validation
LeCroy Protocol Analyzers, Jammers, Emulators
UTD/Compliance Test Equipment
Automated Test/Verification Software
MPS Power Management Solutions
DC-DC Switching Regulators and Modules
Multi-output/Multi-function DC-DC
OakGate Technology High Performance IO Traffic Generation
Flexible Error Injection
Automation and Performance Benchmarking
Serial Cables Cabling Solutions
SerialTek Protocol Analyzer
Error Injector
ULink SATA/ATA Test Tool
TCG Compliance Test
Protocol & Regression