Through innovative products and services, EMC® accelerates the journey to cloud computing, virtualization and big data, helping IT departments store, manage, protect and analyze their most valuable asset — information — in a more agile, trusted and cost-efficient way.

Recognizing the need for a simple, cost-effective approach to accelerate data access in today’s demanding environment, LSI and EMC bring dramatic performance enhancements in multiple ways. This includes a collaboration between EMC, LSI, VMware®, SUPERMICRO® and Mellanox® to offer VMware Horizon View with EMC ScaleIO and LSI Nytro WarpDrive. In addition, EMC and LSI have come together to combine intelligent caching software and PCIe® server-side flash. By jointly testing EMC® XtremCache with the LSI Nytro WarpDrive card, datacenters can more easily accelerate the performance of their unique environments. For example, by deploying XtremCache and the Nytro WarpDrive, mission-critical database environments could increase throughput by up to 3x, and reduce latency by up to 80%.

The LSI Nytro WarpDrive is also deployed as a mezzanine card in Cisco UCS® B-Series Blade Servers which are tested by EMC XtremCache. Purpose-built for UCS blade servers, this solution is designed to provide transparent and simple acceleration with minimal impact to existing IT infrastructures, helping EMC and Cisco customers to take application performance to a new level.

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For more information, visit EMC XtremCache.