Since 1991, LSI Corporation and Oracle Corporation have collaborated to deliver leading edge enterprise technologies and solutions. Our key goal is to drive innovation that delivers maximum performance and value in the data center. Both LSI and Oracle under​stand the need for a simple and effective approach to achieving low database latency, and have teamed up at multiple levels to optimize Oracle database environments for our customers.

Over the years, we have collaborated to achieve low latency, high performance and efficiency, leading to the integration of LSI’s Application Acceleration Solutions and Oracle’s Database Smart Flash Cache feature, which is included in Oracle Database 12c and 11gR2 products, Oracle Solaris and Oracle Linux. Through our combined efforts to develop, test, and build inbox drivers, LSI cards with PCIe technology are certified with Oracle Solaris, Oracle Linux and Oracle VM without the need to install additional software. LSI's work with Oracle has directly benefited customers using LSI technology when combined with Oracle Database, Oracle Solaris and Oracle Linux in bare metal and virtual environments, by providing seamless deployment, optimized performance and ease-of-use.

Innovations such as these provide value to our customers by creating environments that can meet increasingly stringent performance requirements and are easier to manage, while accelerating application workloads efficiently and cost-effectively.​​

For more information on Oracle Linux, Oracle VM and Oracle Solaris compatibility, please visit the LSI compatibility page