cisco_product Today’s data deluge generates unprecedented storage demands on datacenter managers. More sophisticated applications produce massive amounts of data and need ever-faster access to it. LSI and Cisco are working together to solve this storage challenge. The LSI 400GB SLC WarpDrive Adapter is a custom mezzanine card that brings the benefits of server-side flash acceleration to Cisco UCS B-series blade servers. By adding the LSI WarpDrive mezzanine card to their UCS servers, customers can achieve the following benefits:

  • Application acceleration without infrastructure changes or application rewrites
  • Reduced TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) by lowering CPU and ​memory needs, power consumption and management costs
  • Low latency and high performance regardless of storage environment

The LSI WarpDrive mezzanine card is fully tested and certified by both Cisco and LSI. LSI brings decades of s​torage experience to ensure that UCS customers experience the low latency and high performance benefits of flash acceleration. Purpose-built for UCS blade servers, the LSI WarpDrive mezzanine card can be used as a standalone or as server-side cache with EMC ScaleIO caching software.

In addition to reliable, high-performance storage, customers also benefit from seamless integration into existing architecture. By transparently accelerating critical applications like databases, LSI and Cisco are working together to help customers solve their most urgent business challenges. The LSI 400GB SLC WarpDrive Adapter is available to Cisco UCS customers through Cisco VARs.