Nytro Flash Accelerator Cards

Looking for a faster, smarter and easier way to accelerate application performance? LSI® Nytro™ flash accelerator cards help speed application performance in servers by removing storage I/O bottlenecks. Nytro application acceleration solutions deliver high performance while lowering total cost of ownership (TCO).

Nytro WarpDrive™ flash accelerator cards use on-board flash memory to take applications such as big data, databases and Online Transaction Processing and make them absolutely fly. Low-latency flash storage accelerates application performance.

Nytro XP6200 flash accelerator cards delivers accelerated performance for read-intensive applications and an overall lower cost per gigabyte PCIe flash solution. Purpose-built to meet the requirements of Open Compute and other hyperscale servers, the Nytro XP6200 series delivers leading endurance and reliability using low cost flash with a new design optimized for low power and thermal characteristics.

Nytro MegaRAID® cards combine on-board flash memory with RAID data protection and hard disk drive (HDD) connectivity to accelerate direct-attached storage (DAS) environments. With intelligent caching of frequently-used data to on-board flash, gain the low-latency benefits of flash with the cost and capacity benefits of HDDs.



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