SandForce® SF-2400 cloud computing flash controller highlights

  • Ensure maximum uptime with highly predictive failure analysis
  • Accelerate SSD performance with high-performance and low-latency for intensive cloud workloads
  • Improve MLC flash endurance with proprietary DuraWrite™ technology that increases ECC correction power for high data reliability
  • Provide low power consumption solutions while maintaining enterprise-class performance
  • Protect valuable data with high-level security protocols and automated hardware encryption
LSI DuraClass™ Technology
  • LSI DuraWrite™ architecture extends the endurance of solid state drives
  • Intelligent block management and wear leveling
  • Intelligent read disturb management
  • Intelligent “recycling” for advanced free space management (garbage collection)
  • LSI RAISE™ (Redundant Array of Independent Silicon Elements) technology
  • Intelligent data retention optimization
  • Proven ECC protection for longest data retention and drive life
  • Power/Performance balancing
  • Thermal threshold management
Host Interface
  • SATA 6Gb/s, 3Gb/s, and 1.5 Gb/s support
  • Native command queuing (up to 32 commands)
  • SMART command transport
Max Capacity Supported 512 GB*
  • Sequential read and write transfer: Up to 500 MB/s (@ 128 KB blocks)
  • Random read IOPS: 60,000 (@ 4 K blocks)
Sector Size Support 512B
Flash Memory Support
  • MLC from numerous top flash memory manufacturers
  • 2x/2y nm (Toggle, ONFi2; up to 166 MT/s)
  • Data encryption: AES-256** & AES-128
  • TCG Opal (optional add-on feature)
  • ECC recovery: Up to 55 bits correctable per 512-byte sector (BCH)
  • Unrecoverable read errors: Less than 1 sector per 1017 bits read
  • ECC on all internal memory; full end-to-end CRC protection; RAISE
Operating Temperature Commercial: 0° C to 70° C ambient
Package 256-pin TFBGA – 14 x 14 mm, 0.80 mm pitch, 8 byte lanes
Operating Temperature RoHS, Halogen-Free, Green

*1GB = 1 billion bytes
** Available with TCG Opal configurations. Please contact your SSD manufacturer or LSI representative for information about availability with other configurations

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​If you purchased an SSD with an embedded SandForce Flash Controller, please contact the manufacturer of you​r particular SSD for any questions about firmware upgrades, software tools, features, compatibility, etc. LSI supplies SandForce Flash Controllers to many manufacturers for various applications, and is unable to answer questions about SSDs not produced by LSI.

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