• Accelerates and offloads XML processing including Schema Validation.
  • Supports a standard API across multiple hardware and software platforms.


  • Available as:
    - T9000 family of ASICs - for board designers and
    - Production boards - for OEMs with a PCI/PCI-X slot
    - Software RAX - for entry-level systems
  • DPI Boards
    - Regular expression/deep packet inspection
       processing                                                                             - 1 million+ rules supported
    - Low cost DDR2/DDR3 SDRAM
    - Cross-packet inspection
    - Flow-through, low latency design
    - Rich inspection language
  • XML Boards
    - Random Access XML (RAX)
    - XML Threat Manager (RAX-XTM)
    - Up to 6Gb/s of complex XML processing
    - Ultra low latency
    - Optimized for multicore architectures
    - Incremental modular architecture
  • LSI Added Features
    - A family of silicon chips for your own designs


  • LSI and its partners provide a range of Tarari Content Processor boards that fully support Tarari T10 Technology
  • These content processor boards use the PCIe®, MINI PCIe™, MINI PCI™, and AdvancedMC™ form factors to provide a wide range of high-level performance for deep packet inspection or XML processing tasks
  • LSI can supply individual chips or boards that allow for simpler expansion of existing customer designs, shorter time to market, and easier adoption
Power Low power dissipation — 5 W to 20 W (est.)
Thermal Operating temperature — 0 to 35˚C
Standards UL, CB, FCC Class A, CE, RoHS-6 and VCCI Certificates
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