Data center and enterprise network traffic is exploding, driven by cloud storage, video and other services demanding greater bandwidth. Service providers are investing in new datacenters, with power-efficient server systems and network acceleration. Computationally intensive networking functions can rob servers and network appliances of processing power that could be used for other tasks.

The Axxia® Network Accelerator PCIe® cards provide inline and co-processor acceleration of security processing, content processing, and realtime services such as application recognition, network packet capture and network performance monitoring.

Number of PowerPC® Cores Quad PPC476 Dual PPC476
CPU Clock Frequency 1.6GHz 1.6GHz
L2 Cache Total 2MB 1MB
System Cache Total 4MB 2MB
System Memory 4GB DDR3 (800MHz) 2GB DDR3 (800MHz)
Classification Memory 256MB 128MB
Data Throughput (IMIX) 20Gb/s 10Gb/s
IPSec Throughput 10Gb/s 10Gb/s
DPI Throughput 3Gb/s 3Gb/s
PCI Express® Form Factor Half-length, full-height (167.5 mm x 110.6 mm) Half-length, full-height (167.5 mm x 110.6 mm)
PCI Express Connector x16 x16
PCI Express Logical Lanes Gen2 x4 Gen2 x4
PCI Express Throughput 13Gb/s unidirectional 10Gb/s unidirectional
8Gb/s bi-directional
Interfaces Dual 10Gb/s Ethernet (SFP+), Gigabit Ethernet (RJ-45), Available 10/100 Fast Ethernet (RJ-45)1, Available Serial Port (RS232)1 5x Gigabit Ethernet (RJ-45), Available 10/100 Fast Ethernet (RJ-45)1, Available Serial Port (USB2)1
Power Consumption 65W Maximum 55W Typical 65W Maximum 55W Typical
Minimum Airflow 400 lfm 400 lfm
Ambient Temp 50°C maximum 50°C maximum
Notes 1Separate daughter card for software development / debug. Contact your LSI Sales representative for availability and details.
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