• Server Storage

    The broadest portfolio of highly reliable server storage products in the industry offers the connectivity, performance and protection to support critical applications and user needs.

  • Hard Disk Drives

    Demand for storage capacity continues to grow rapidly, requiring hard disk drive (HDD) manufacturers to build higher-capacity hard drives. TrueStore® hard disk drive components let HDD manufacturers tackle the data deluge.

  • Mobile Networks

    From base stations to backhaul, mobile networks are growing rapidly to satisfy user demands for ever-faster mobile broadband. Sophisticated multicore processors are needed to balance performance with power consumption and enable heterogeneous 4G/LTE networks.

  • Enterprise and Datacenter Networks

    Traffic inside enterprises and datacenters continues to grow, driven by bandwidth-intensive applications such as video, social media and big data. New technologies such as software-defined networking are redefining network architectures, requiring systems that can adapt to new services.

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