The latest server designs and solid state drives continue to drive demands for optimum storage performance. For OEMs and server vendors looking to build enterprise-class data protection and throughput into their entry to mid-range servers the LSI® SAS 3108 RAID-on-Chip (ROC) is a natural choice. It delivers 12Gb/s SAS, 6Gb/s SATA, and the security of MegaRAID® data protection. Help eliminate storage bottlenecks in with eight PCI Express® 3.0 lanes with SAS transfer rates of up to 12Gb/s and SATA rates up to 6Gb/s.

  • Built-in support for data encryption for the protection of confidential data
  • Supports T-10 Data Protection Model for early detection of and recovery from data corruption
  • Balance protection and performance for critical applications with LSI MegaRAID levels 0, 1, 1E, 5, 6, 10 and 50
  • Available only to OEMs through LSI direct sales