The LSI SAS2x28 Expander is designed for external storage subsystems . Fully backward compatible with LSI’s prior-generation expander, it delivers higher 6Gb/s SAS and SATA performance while preserving functionality.

  • Enable higher enclosure capacities through 28 PHY edge expansion
  • Ensure ample enclosure bandwidth through integrated RAM and an ARM926 processor
  • Customize unique firmware solutions with LSI software development kits (SDKs)

Internal Memory 512KB
SAS Ports 24
Wide Port Support Yes
SSC (Spread Spectrum Clocking ) Yes
Port Mirroring Yes
Direct, Table, & Subtractive Routing Methods Yes
Route Table Entries 1024
PHY-Based Zoning, T-10 Zoning Yes
T-10 Optical Support
A/D Converter
External Memory Interfaces 8- and 16-bit Flash / SRAM / NVSRAM
Security Features TRNG, Hash Generator
Pulse Width Modulator
DDR Interface
8-bit SEP interface
I2C Interfaces 4
SGPIO Interfaces 1 x SFF- 8485
Ethernet Interface 1
Ethernet Management Ports 1 x 10/100
USB 2.0 Interfaces
UART Interfaces 2
LED 3 pins per PHY
GPIO 11 pins
Package 780 FPBGA (29mm x 29mm)
Data Transfer Rates SAS: 6.0/3.0 Gb/s
SATA: 6.0/3.0/1.5 Gb/s
Product Brief (1)

LSI offers various internal cable options to make integration into your current system infrastructure as easy as possible. LSI also offers cache protection options for RAID controllers that protect against data loss in the event of a server or power failure by providing emergency power to the cache memory.