Designed for connecting multiple targets and hosts, the LSI SAS3x24R expander provides high performance expansion for the most demanding storage applications in a small footprint. The DataBolt ™ bandwidth optimizer enables 12Gb/s SAS performance with 6Gb/s and 3Gb/s devices. Optimized for server backplanes with limited space, this 24-port expander’s scalability, fault tolerance, and software support will make your storage applications perform like never before.

  • Enable higher enclosure capacities through 24 PHY edge expansion
  • Provide high device throughput with SAS and SATA support up to 12Gb/s, including wide port support
  • Aggregate bandwidth from lower-speed drives for higher total performance with LSI DataBolt technology
  • Help ensure ample enclosure bandwidth through 2MB of integrated RAM and an ARM Cortex-R4 300 MHz processor
Storage Enclosure Processor (SEP) ARM Cortex-R4 @ 300MHz
Instructions 1.6 DMIPs/MHz
Internal Memory 2MB SRAM
SAS Ports 24
DataBolt Bandwidth Optimizer (EDFB) All ports (LSI IP)
Wide Port Support Yes
SSC (Spread Spectrum Clocking ) Yes
Port Mirroring Yes (LSI IP)
Direct, Table, & Subtractive Routing Methods Yes
Route Table Entries 2048
PHY-Based Zoning, T-10 Zoning Yes
T-10 Optical Support Yes
A/D Converter 1, (2 analog inputs)
External Memory Interfaces 8/16-bit Flash, w/ 6 chip selects SRAM, NVSRAM
Security Features TRNG/Hash & HMAC Generator/Secret Root Key
Pulse Width Modulator 2
DDR Interface N/A
8-bit SEP interface Yes
12C Interfaces 5
SGPIO Interfaces 2 x SFF- 8485
Ethernet Interface N/A
Ethernet Management Ports N/A
USB 2.0 Interfaces N/A
UART Interfaces 2
LED 1 pin per PHY
GPIO 16 pins
Package 672 FPB32GU 1.0 mm pad pitch (27mm x 27mm)
Data Transfer Rates SAS: 12.0/6.0/3.0 Gb/s
SATA: 6.0/3.0 Gb/s
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