With 36 ports, the LSI SASx36 Expander builds a foundation on which your business can continue to make use of its prior-generation SAS and SATA device investments, especially where SCSI infrastructure may still be in use. The LSI SASx36 supports up to 32 drives and 1024 SAS addresses. When solutions call for power management, performance, simplicity, and security, the LSI SASx36 delivers cost-effective opportunities.

  • Enable higher enclosure capacities through 36 PHY edge expansion
  • Provide high device throughput with SAS and SATA support up to 3Gb/s, including wide port support
  • Ensure ample enclosure bandwidth through integrated RAM and an ARM processor

8-bit SEP interface
A/D Converter
DataBolt Bandwidth Optimizer (EDFB)
DDR Interface
Direct, Table, & Subtractive Routing Methods Yes
Ethernet Interface
Ethernet Management Ports
External Memory Interfaces 8 bit FLASH, SRAM
GPIO 8 pins
I2C Interfaces Yes
Internal Memory 32K IRAM, 8K IROM
LED 3 pins per PHY
Package 672 FPBGA (27mm x 27mm)
PHY-Based Zoning, T-10 Zoning Phy-Based
Port Mirroring No
Pulse Width Modulator
Route Table Entries 1024
SAS Ports 36
Security Features
SGPIO Interfaces
SSC (Spread Spectrum Clocking ) No
Storage Enclosure Processor (SEP) ARM7S @ 75 MHz
T-10 Optical Support
UART Interfaces Yes
USB 2.0 Interfaces
Wide Port Support Yes
Data Transfer Rates SAS/SATA: 3.0/1.5 Gb/s
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