The Smarter Way to Faster

Combining decades of experience with an extensive PCIe® flash platform, LSI offers an array of flash-based data storage solutions designed to accelerate applications by providing higher performance, lower latency and quicker response time.

LSI® Nytro™ Flash Accelerator Solutions

LSI delivers smarter, faster application acceleration solutions that help remove I/O bottlenecks and enable you to optimize price and performance. Our Nytro product family is a comprehensive, high-performing portfolio of enterprise-level flash solutions that can accelerate applications while reducing your total cost of ownership (TCO). LSI solutions are widely deployed in datacenters because they undergo rigorous internal and external qualification, are easier to implement, have extensive OS support, are reliable and scalable. Learn more about Nytro products.

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Application Solutions

Most businesses are experiencing a data deluge that is growing much faster than their IT budgets, while at the same time struggling to achieve faster response times and increased performance. LSI understands that they need a solution tailored to their specific data storage profiles and workloads, which can vary significantly across applications. Therefore the LSI Nytro flash accelerator family includes a breadth of products designed to meet a wide range of requirements. Learn more about Nytro solutions for the following applications.

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Technology Partners

LSI works closely with leading companies in the industry to develop and deliver the best solutions possible.

  • Oracle
  • Cisco
  • Intel
  • Supermirco
  • IBM
  • NetApp

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