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Extending SSD life for longer warranties

Consumers have come to expect the longest warranty periods on the most sophisticated electronic devices, and SSDs are no exception. With the growing adoption of SSDs, a solid warranty is becoming even more important. However, wear and tear on SSD cells over time can reduce their ability to hold the electrical charge necessary for data storage. As cells wear, write errors grow in frequency and overwhelm the automatic error correction that ordinarily ensures data is transmitted intact. SSD manufacturers use this breaking point to specify the number of times cells can be reprogrammed (program/erase cycles) and, by extension, to define the warranty period.

One way to extend cell life is to write less data to the flash. LSI® DuraWrite™ data reduction technology takes advantage of the lower entropy, or inherent randomness, found in most data to write less information to flash memory and reduce the number of program/erase cycles, potentially increasing SSD endurance by two to three times over SSDs without DuraWrite*. Ultimately, this can translate into longer warranty periods.

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*Based on internal LSI testing.​​​