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Sluggish database performance undermines business performance

Enterprise applications—from online transactional processing (OLTP) and analytics, to data warehousing and business intelligence—rely heavily on the databases that support them. Whether SQL Server, DB2, MySQL or Oracle, databases help organizations better understand their customers, develop analytics, make strategic decisions, improve employee productivity and outflank the competition.

Database performance is critical for the fast online response that customers and employees expect. Slow databases can undermine a company’s brand, its reputation, customer loyalty, and employee productivity and job satisfaction. As massive data growth worldwide continues, organizations face a number of key challenges that can degrade database performance, including:

  • Slower queries and higher end-of-day (EOD) batch processing errors caused by poor storage performance
  • Performance bottlenecks caused by multiple user connections producing simultaneous queries
  • Backing up data within shrinking windows
  • Limited ability to increase performance using only hard disk drives (HDDs) as organizations push databases for lower latency and higher speed to reduce storage response times
  • The higher cost per gigabyte of solid state drives as a replacement for HDD infrastructure to speed database performance

Accelerate database performance with flash

Supplementing HDD storage with a small amount of low-latency flash memory is a cost-effective way to improve database performance. Overall application performance can increase significantly by reducing the latency of specific database hot spots – frequently accessed data and indexes. Caching these hot spots on PCIe® flash storage cards can deliver a complete solution for high-performance storage.

The LSI® Nytro™ product family is designed to accelerate database applications and provide a cost-effective way to reduce latency and the CPU burden—without a complete overhaul of a datacenter’s storage infrastructure. Nytro products are out-of-the-box solutions designed to intelligently and dynamically improve performance without having to reconfigure databases to make the best use of flash storage.

LSI Nytro solutions for database applications deliver the following results*:

  • Accelerate responsiveness by more than 26x with average latency of .012 seconds vs. 3.267 for traditional DAS-based HDDs (Nytro XD)
  • Support over 3x as many concurrent users (from 1,750 to 6,000) in an Oracle database deployment while maintaining response times under 3 seconds (Nytro XD)
  • Boost performance in MySQL transactions by 3x (Nytro MegaRAID®)
  • Reduce HDD wait times in Oracle databases by nearly 5x (Nytro WarpDrive®)
  • Reduce latency in Oracle databases by 9x simulating a real-world online transaction application (Nytro MegaRAID)

*Internal LSI testing