• Hyperscale Datacenters

    Hyperscale Datacenters

    Minimizing TCO with scalable infrastructure

    With hundreds of thousands of servers running the applications powering Web 2.0, social media, Internet commerce, cloud computing and big data, hyperscale datacenters need scalable server architectures that help reduce total cost of ownership (TCO). With their relentless focus on maximizing work done per dollar, hyperscale datacenters are changing the dynamics of the IT industry.

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  • Enterprise


    Improving performance and reliability for critical applications

    Enterprises require sophisticated IT systems, from the datacenter to the desktop, to provide insights into customer behavior, run billing systems and allow employees to communicate. Meeting user demands for performance within business realities requires a delicate balancing act. IT administrators and CIOs can take advantage of new approaches such as application acceleration with flash cache and software-defined networking to redefine their datacenters and wider enterprises.

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  • Small and Medium Businesses

    Small and Medium Businesses

    Simple, safe and reliable performance improvements

    Small and medium businesses (SMBs) rely on information technology to run day-to-day operations and gain a competitive edge. Yet they are challenged to meet the same needs as larger enterprises – performance, data protection, reliability and scalability – with smaller budgets and often without in-house IT staff. Fortunately, there are increasingly affordable systems that are easy to deploy, configure and manage.

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  • Mobile Networks

    Mobile Networks

    Build cost-effective 4G/LTE services and infrastructure

    Mobile broadband is growing rapidly, driven by smartphones, tablets and cloud applications. Carriers are deploying heterogeneous 4G/LTE networks and base stations of different sizes to meet bandwidth and coverage needs and provide a quality user experience. Achieving their goals within capital and operating expense constraints is a major challenge, and leadering companies addressing by employing sophisticated, scalable hardware platforms.

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